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Social Media Graphics

How To Brand

Colors, Typography, Fonts, Content

These are all apart of graphic design for social media. I’ve been professionally designing for social media for about seven years and I’m still learning new techniques everyday. Here’s some tips that I’ve picked up over my seven years that were shared with me!

Good branding is like deciding what to wear when you leave the house!

Overall Brand

Colors, fonts, style all makeup a brand. Before designing and posting content on social media platforms, it’s best to have a brand stylesheet figured out beforehand. It’s so important. You don’t want to display content that’s not cohesive on social media and be seen as unorganized by your audience. Good branding is like deciding what to wear when you leave the house. You would want all your clothes to match and be seen cleaned or neat! I hope you don’t step outside or go public with unorganized clothing. If you do, then you really don’t care, but hopefully you do if you’re reading this, you care about organizing your brand correctly for social media! You’re my people! Thanks for reading.


When I was a sophomore in college, my Teacher Assistant for Painting, told me that I had an eye for color. I knew that I could match colors well, but I guess taking a painting class just developed my gift for colors! I later took another class title “Color” from an amazing Professor that called me “Magnificent”. He was so kind! Here’s what I learned about colors: before choosing colors for your brand, you need to research color theory! What colors work best with one another. Maybe taking some screenshoots of your favorite color palettes. Then narrowing your favs down to which one best represents your brand.


Choosing the correct fonts are so important! Think of fonts like musical notes or beats in a song. Fonts can make or break your brand mood! You need to first decide your brands vibe, meaning is it professional, playful, funny, etc. You don’t want to choose a funny font for a professional relator company. It would probably look something like uniformed or be taken as an unprofessional realtor (someone who doesn’t know what they are doing)!Β Fonts matter! Research your brand’s character/mood and go from there!Β Typography on the other handΒ is the way fonts are arranged in a layout! You might think about kerning (space between letters) or the placement of fonts. Play with some type layouts! That’s the only way to find out what works best!


Layout is the visual design of the graphic. It’s how your audience will convey your social media graphic. You can start by creating a layout template for graphic categories. Creating templates or choosing a template to work with will be easier for you when you need to post quickly. REMEMBER for Instagram the dimensions are 1080 X 1080 px. Β Just place the image, text and post!


What message are you trying to convey to your audience. It’s the written copy or words that accompany the social media graphic on the post and in the post caption!


Once you have your brand colors, fonts, content, layout, you can create a Stylesheet that displays it all.


When I first started creating social media graphics, I created them in Canva. What’s Canva? It’s online designing platform that provides the average person with templates that can be easily customizable! Canva has a free account and Canva Work. Canva Work allows you to upload your own branding, like colors, fonts and templates. It depends on your budget. Canva is a really great option if you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer right away.Β If you’re a professional graphic designer or someone who love photoshop then Photoshop will probably be better for you because it’s a more powerful system! You even can use Canva and Photoshop together.

I hoped you all enjoys my break down for social media graphics with an emphasis on branding! When I create graphics this is the method that I use every time. Most of the brands I work with already have a brand style sheet in place so I use their fonts, colors, and logos! Happy posting and branding!





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