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Clarissa Fletcher 30th Birthday

Three Months Into Thirty

Turning 30 three months ago, has been a lifetime-waiting experience. I spent my 30th Birthday in Los Angeles with my twin sister. I traveled to LA in my 20’s and left there at 30! It was a dream- LA is the city of dreams!

Clarissa Fletcher 30th Birthday
You would hope at thirty that you would of chosen a career or already have a career that you perhaps love. That’s the goal, right? I spent my twenties experimenting with different creative fields. Up until I was 27-29, I knew what I wanted, but didn’t really step into my current career.

It’s okay to not know, if you’re still searching!

I can admit it, it wasn’t easy. There were a lot of no’s and closed doors (On the way to one job interview, I burnt my finger, drove my car into a ditch and tore my dress in one day. I eventually showed up at that interview with a late excuse of being in a car accident that tore my dress and a bandage on my finger. Clearly, that job wasn’t for me. If you were wondering, I still have that dress as a reminder of how far I’ve come. I can laugh at that experience now- that was about five years ago). But, I do believe that it was all for my good! All the tears and setbacks weren’t for nothing. It just took me a little longer.

Gen Hope 2016

So, what did I do differently in the last years of my twenties that made a difference? I stepped out in FAITH! I began volunteering where I met some incredible people, some I call friends, some I call mentors and friends! From there doors were open! It was scary, but rewarding in time (take a peek at my work).

Looking back on the last few years on all the projects I’ve been apart of has been dream come true!  I’m still finding my way in the creative field. I’m still learning and growing, but it has been an incredible start as a thirty year old! I’m so happy to be in this creative space right now with some amazing people around me!

Thanks so much for reading my first post! Please comment below if you enjoyed it 🙂 I would love to write back.

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